Xiaomi Piston Earbuds Hands-On

Finally after more than one month two pairs of the $8.49 earbud wonder with build in controls and microphone arrived. Xiaomi has won a bunch of awards for it and they look wonderful.

According to their graphs the Pistons are much better than Apples EarPods (which do really great for me) and are in fact not much different than high-end products. Other tests reveal that they are in fact really great headphones.

Pistons are the orange ones
Unfortunately I got fake ones. I payed just $8.49, but the original ones are twice as expensive with 99 Yuan (about $15.89 - which is still a great price!). So no wonder mine sound horrible. However they still look genuine and even the package was faked at maximum perfection. I don't know if this is intended but the cord and the box are brown and look a bit like chocolate - and they smell like that (in a positive way).
I will definitely get the real ones and taste listen to them. For the meantime enjoy the pictures of them.