How to remove Beats Audio drivers from your Android Smartphone

Today I want to tell you how to remove all files placed by Beats Audio Installer ( from your device, in case it corrupts your audio or you simply don't like it.

First of: BAI is given root access and places files to your system directory. After a successful installation these drivers work entirely standalone. The app is only required for the notification. That means: Removing the app and or deleting its cache/data will not remove the drivers. 

So how do you do it?

There are several ways, nevertheless I'd recommend to go with step 3.

  1. Have a backup of your /system partition? Great! Just reflash and and you are done.
  2. Don't have a backup (even though the app told you to do one for at least 3 times ...)? Inside the app is an uninstaller (depending on the app version there might be no one or an outdated one). It might already remove everything but unfortunately this uninstaller does not always work.
  3. Uninstaller not working? Reflash your ROM. Google for your stock ROM or install a Custom ROM. For some devices there are no ROMs online, those could try step 4.
  4. Removing all files manually. That one is a bit complex and you should really be careful what you are removing. Not all files listed might exist!
    Manual & list of files can be found here.