Finally a blogger !

So who am I and why should you read my comments?
Starting with 15 years I was taught Java at my high school and developed more and more apps.
With 18 I founded a company and began distributing apps at Google Play. Believing in my projects and getting pushed by friends and family I achieved one milestone after another. Let's have abrief look at them:

  • 2012: Beats Audio Installer (Android) claims 1,000,000 unique downloads
  • Q4 2012: Stepping into hardware business by offering one of Germanys first Android TV sticks "nova" with own UI "moui"

This is a kinda big decision for someone who has just left high-school and earned some dollars but I thought it was worth it.

  • 2013: Multiple wins with "nova"
  • Q2 2013: moui - entirely written by me - is updated with Speech Recognition, autodiscovery, streaming features and so on.

By now I had to stop offering Android sticks, it is just too hard to survive in this business being a small company. I had a few other reasons as well, which I might blog about some day.

  • 2014: Beats is unstoppable: Though it has been kicked out of Play for more than a year now, I get still hundreds of downloads daily (can't tell you the real number, since my database implementation was a bit too sloppy and ended up crashing my providers server). By now Beats has over 5,000,000 downloads.